KMCM 2008

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Composites Engineering is a new evolution in the development, combining perspective and application of Materials and involves people to transfer, share, retain, analyse, organise, improve, fuse, reuse and collaborate composite expertise. Comprehensive composite topics and distributed projects employ a conscious strategy of getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time to help people share and develop information into action in ways that strive to improve composite-organisational performance. The processing of knowledge and organising research activities towards Nanoscale phenomena have already given new impetus to the birth of new composites and to the improvement of existing products. It also follows the value-added chain from raw material, basic material, and work material to components or systems. In addition to the core areas mining, metallurgy, and materials, the knowledge-oriented Composite organisation provides research competence in scientific and technical fundamentals, in environmental engineering and industrial management like iron and steel industry.

General Chair

Prof. Dr. -Ing. habil. Madjid Fathi - University of Siegen

Conference Chair

Mahdi Fathi

University of Siegen

Farrokh Sassani

The University of British Columbia

Mehrdad Saif

Simon Fraser University

Hamid Garmestani

Georgia Insititute of Technology

Bernhard Wielage

Chemnitz University of Technology

Who should participate?

We are encouraging authors to submit papers of commercial and industrial applications that reflect solutions to problems in all fields of Composites Engineering, Alternate Energy, Nanotechnologies, Computational Engineering and Management of Expertise. Please notice that your submission should be two full pages.