The 8th International Conference on
 Integrated Systems Design and Technology
        Antalya, Turkey,14-18 March 2020

                                         Focus: Data Science in Engineering

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This year the Integrated Systems Design and Technology (ISDT) conference is organized in collaboration with the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley). The conference will be held in Antalya, Turkey, from the 14th to 18th of March, 2020.

Submissions now closed!

The organizing committee would like to thank all who responded with submissions. The review process is currently underway and notifications of acceptance will be sent shortly.

The Scientific Network of Integrated Systems, Design and Technology (ISDT) is an initiative that has been established since 2007 to respond industrial needs for integration of "Knowledge Technology" (KT) into multi- and interdisciplinary applications. The objective of ISDT is to incorporate multilateral engineering disciplines such as composite, automotive, industrial, control, computational, mechanical, and micro-electronics engineering, and derive knowledge for design and development of innovative products and services, based on customization, adaptation and integration of Knowledge Based Systems and Knowledge Management methods.

In the past events, we have successfully initiated and constituted the school of thought on Knowledge Integration and Transfer, so at this stage the main objective is to deepen our insight on special fields of application and foster development of a common platform for further collaborative research activities.

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